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Favourites Programme

Mary, Young and Fair & Drowsy Maggie - (Traditional)

Dabbling in the Dew’ - Anon

Rondeau - Purcell

Winter Swans - Owen Sheers

Allegro & Minuets 1 & 2 , Royal Fireworks Music - Handel arr.Clews

Lord Randall - Anon

Greensleeves – Anon

Greensleeves - the lyric

Duet from the Magic Flute - Mozart

Remembrance - Wyatt

Trio for three flutes - James Hook

Shall I come sweet love to thee? - Campion

Ungaresca - Mainerio

Recollections of Ireland - Tulou

Barbara Allen - (Traditional)

Country Garden - (Traditional)

The Lincolnshire Poacher - (Traditional)

‘In whom I do not believe’ - a poem by Louis de Bernières

Two Flutes III & IV – Roger Eno

‘Poem on the back of a scrap’ by Louis de Bernières

Scarborough Fair - (Traditional)

Scarborough Fair- the lyric

Salut d’Amour - Elgar arr. Antonius-Jones

‘Belfast 1998’—a poem by Louis de Bernières

Sailors Hornpipe - (Traditional)

Drunken Sailor - (Traditional)

‘Nobby’ - a poem by Louis de Bernières

Whiskey in the Jar - (Traditional)

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