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Renaissance Programme

Spring – A poem by Thomas Nash

The Chirping of the Nightingale – Anon

Remembrance – A poem by Sir Thomas Wyatt

Pastime with Good Company – Attributed to Henry VIII

Greensleeves – Anon

Greensleeves (the lyric) – Anon

Rondes – Tielman Susato

Allemande – Johann Hermann Schein

Lord Randall – Anon (Louis will recite the song)

A Merry Ronde – Alan Alexander

Shall I Come Sweet Love To Thee – Thomas Campion

Some Men Desire Spouses – Thomas Weelkes

Kemps Jig – Anon


Woodycock Trio – Anon (arranged Antonius-Jones)

Voulez –Vous Que Je Vous Chant ? – Anon

Two Sonnets – Pierre Ronsard

Helas Madame - Attributed to Henry VIII

Poem 92 – Michelangelo

Packingtons Pound – Anon

La Bouree – Michael Praetorius

A Lawde and Prayse Made For Our Sovereigne Lord The King – John Skelton

The English Hunt’s Up – John Whitfield

Song – A Poem by Ben Johnson

Ungaresca – Giorgio Mainerio

Sonnet – Michael Drayton

Walter Green’s Suite – Fake Renaissance Piece written by Roger Eno

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