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Edinburgh Festival web reviews, August 2006

Louis de Bernières and the Antonius Players are back!- LM1 Forth One Radio

What a treat it was to see Captain Corelli author back in town again, with Tina and Ilone from the Antonius Players in tow. In a performance which almost felt as if we'd been invited into his home, de Bernières read his own verse, and also that of his father's and McGonagall's, mixed in with musical interludes and anecdotes. The three performers clearly like each other's company, and that warmth translates to the audience, who soon become part of the show, providing the percussion accompaniment. I played the spoons, but this show is certainly far from the 'wooden spoon' variety. Recommended.

Louis de Bernières and the Antonius Players are back!

by Johanna Robertson - National Student Magazine *****(Top Pick)

So refreshingly different from anything you will ever see. This year saw the Antonius Players present a greatest hits of their previous trips to the Fringe. Music and poetry from medieval, renaissance, Latin American and other origins all crammed into a show that offers the audience unique opportunities for participation.

It is not often one is asked to play a drum made out of a Norfolk bunny shot by a famous author, it is also seldom that you bear witness to an old lady being offered Peruvian goats hooves by means of a percussion instrument!

The real star of the show is Ilone, of the Antonius Players, a delightful blonde Bavarian woman, who has a wonderful rapport with both de Bernières and the audience.

This is a truly unique show and a little ray of Mediterranean sunshine for a Festival morning.

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