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Never on a Sunday

We saw Louis de Bernières in Chawton on Friday. He was performing with the Antonius Players who on the night consisted of one; Ilone. What a talented pair. Louis read poems in-between the music and they quipped humorously with much witty teasing. It was an entertaining fun evening held at St Nicholas Church in the grounds of Chawton House Library which despite the grandeur was quite an intimate soirèe.

At the start of the evening he was signing books in the house while the audience were a-mingling with Champagne and canapès. I said (while he signed mine) "it's a shame you're behind a desk when you could be wandering about having a drink."

He replied "I don't want to be out there. Someone might ask me what I thought of the film!"

Fair enough. The book was so much better, as is often the case, but maybe it's not the done thing to say when it's your own book.

The audience were given percussion instruments with which to join in and it was amusing to see how excited people can get over maracas or a rabbit skin tambourine.

One of the first songs I can clearly remember my mum singing was 'Never on a Sunday'. I learnt on Friday that it was about a prostitute who wouldn't work on a Sunday. I never knew and thought it was really about just kissing. I'm such an innocent!

They travel all over the country performing and they are definitely worth seeing.

Oh and yes he does play the mandolin.

Barb, Hampshire
July 2008

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