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The melody makers

Published Date: 21 April 2008
By Staff Copy

HOW do you close Scarborough's talent laden and inspirational literature festival? The event's organisers had the answer.

Bring in the equally talented and inspirational artists Louis de Bernieres and Ilone Antonius-Jones.

For more than an hour Louis, the author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, and Ilone, a flautist and keyboard player, performed Serbian and Eastern European folk music, Bob Dylan numbers and classical pieces.

The audience added the percussion after Ilone handed them a range of instruments including bongos.

Louis also read several pieces from his latest novel, A Partisan’s Daughter.

The pair were constantly entertaining with their varied musical talent, banter and tales.

For their encore they performed Scarborough Fair. It was a fitting end to the Long Weekend.

But it leaves one question for the organisers to consider. Who will fill the line up for next year’s festival?

Scarborough’s literature fans are already waiting in anticipation for the answer. Paul Derrick

DUO.. Author Louis de Bernieres
with Ilone Antonius-Jones
0816122bPicture: Andrew Higgins

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