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Extracts of a feedback letter from Finn McCreath, Festival Director of the Scottish Book Town Festival about Louis and Ilone:

......They were very well organised, arriving well in advance of their performance to give themselves time to become acquainted with the Festival, its venues and its atmosphere. They brought with them all their required instruments and material for their event.

Their performance consisted of a number of musical recitals, performed on an impressive range of instruments, punctuated by a number of readings of poetry and prose. In my experience as a festival director, I have never seen an audience so enthralled by an event as it was by Louis and Ilone’s. Through thoughtful choice of repertoire and charming stage presence they brought tears of laughter and emotion, with every conceivable mood in between. The audience was thoroughly delighted with their performance and I have had numerous requests for their return.

Off stage, Ilone and Louis were charming, easy-going and great fun. If only all our festival guests could be like them!

6th February 2007

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