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Performance photographs from the Tobacco Factory, November 2011

Photography by Graham Burke

Windsor Fringe Festival, Larkin' About, October 2011
"The Larkin is stunningly good! The script by Sue Wilson is brilliant and really explores Larkin as a person and a poet. Sunny and John work very well together and the music adds a lot of power to the story. The evening was funny, fascinating and moving."
Dr. Michael Denny, Festival Director

Althorp Literary Festival, Larkin' About, June 2011
"Opening a treasure chest on the lesser known Larkin ... great fun ... not to be missed!"
"Lyrical Larkin and all that Jazz ... intoxicating!"

Performance photographs from Althorp Literary Festival, June 2011


Martin, Ilone, Tina and Rey in the greenroom at Althorp.

Stratford Literary Festival, A Roll in the Hay, May 2011

"The delicious Sunny Ormonde and the talented Antonious Players performed the last event of the Stratford-upon-Avon Festival in 2011, the venue was Shakespeare's classroom at King Edward's School in Stratford and I was intensely moved by their performance. Their programme was witty and stylish and I would urge anyone to hurry and listen to them, I truly did not want it to end and hope they will come back to Stratford and become a regular feature of the Literary Festival.
Natasha Roderick-Jones, Festival Director

Fundraiser for Amnesty International, A Roll in the Hay, April 2011, Norfolk
"Saturday night was brilliant ... the whole Village is talking about it. We enjoyed it so much. Thank you for coming and being so generous to us."
Liz Mason, Organiser.
"We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your performance. We've had some very good feedback about the evening and 'fantastic' was the most common adjective!"
Miriam & Trevor Mason, Hosts

Fundraiser for Children of Colombia, A Roll in the Hay, April 2011, Winchcombe
"I (and many others) loved the Pavan and I don't think we said thank you to Ray for his excellent guitar playing. You and Tina play so beautifully, it was a delight. Sunny is excellent, a true professional and you all seem happy, relaxed and full of positive energy and a united group, I am so pleased, it really is a fantastic show."
Rachel Leighton, Chairman sent to Ilone

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'We who are about to die salute you', says Louis de Bernières, grimacing. It's a sweltering summer evening. As he lifts a gleaming mandolin off its stand, perspiration pricks his linen shirt. 'Let's hope the sweat doesn't make my fingers slip' he adds. Read full article.........

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'Poetry Evening with Author' - Stratford Observer 21st October 2004 ( Tom Wright)

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'Top author can play that mandolin!' - Diss Mercury 16th July 2004 ( Basil Abbott)

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'Louis de Bernières with Flute Trio' - Ledbury Reporter 12th July 2003 ( Gary Bills-Geddes)

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