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Originally intended to be an album of flute and classical guitar duos, this CD rather strangely turned out to have none on it at all. Instead, Louis and Ilone came up with a variety of combinations of instruments, on classical pieces spanning four hundred years. Their guiding principle was that they were enthusiastic about these pieces, and thought that other people ought to be as well!

Louis and Ilone first played together in 1986, and became two of the founder members of The Antonius Players in 2002, since when they have been performing regularly in concerts all over the UK and abroad. In 2004 The Antonius Players released a CD of Renaissance and Medieval music entitled 'A Merry Ronde', and are currently planning an album of traditional music from the British Isles.

In his spare time Louis de Bernières still writes books, but Ilone doesn't have any of them!

Ilone plays a Pearl flute with a wooden Powell head joint, and an anonymous cello from East Anglia. Louis plays a wooden Powell flute, C clarinet by Le Blanc, Bb clarinet by Amati, classical guitar by Armin Hanika, contrabass classical guitar by Aria, a Lone Star Venezia mandolin (Mexico), and an anonymous Portuguese mandolin from Braga.



1) Antonin Dvorak - No 4 from Op55, Songs My Mother Taught Me.
Originally for voice and piano, it is played here by Louis on flute and Ilone on piano.
2) Espirit Philippe Chedeville (1696-1762). 'Le Joyeux', the last movement of Gallant Duo No 2 for two equal instruments.
Chedeville was court bagpiper to King Louis of France. Louis is on mandolin and Ilone on flute.
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3) Georg Friedrich Handel - Gavotte.
Louis plays first flute, Ilone plays second flute, two cello parts and harpsichord!
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4) Johann Sebastian Bach - Arioso.
Ilone plays solo harpsichord.
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5) Matteo Carcassi - Study 19. Louis' favourite from Melodic and Progressive Etudes Op.60.
Louis plays solo classical guitar.
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6) Zdenek Fibich (1850-1900) - Poem.
Louis on C clarinet and Ilone on piano.
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7) Esprit Philippe Chedeville - Galant Duos, the entire suite No 1.
Louis doubles on two different mandolins.
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8) Antonin Dvorak - Allegretto (from the eighth symphony).
Louis plays flute, Ilone plays piano.
9) Tommaso Albinoni and Remo Giazotto - Adagio.
Ilone is on the organ and Louis on Bb clarinet.
10) Anon. - Woodycock.
Ilone found this in a book of Renaissance music, and transformed it into this flute trio, in which she plays all three parts herself.
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11) Henry Purcell - Rondeau from Abdelazar.
Ilone plays both flute and harpsichord.
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Claude Debussy - Syrinx, from Psyche Act 111.
Done as Debussy originally intended. Louis does the spoken part and Ilone plays solo flute.

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13) James Oswald (1711-1769) 'Nightshade' from ;Autumn' (Airs For The Seasons).
Ilone plays two flutes, harpsichord, and only one cello.
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14) Robert Schumann - Von fremden Landern und Menschen.
Ilone plays solo piano.
15) Franz Danzi (1763-1826) - Larghetto, from Flute Concerto No.1.
Ilone plays piano, Louis play flute.
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16) Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata in C for Mandolin and Piano.
Ilone on piano, Louis on mandolin.
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17) Georg Philipp Telemann - Ilone's favourite of the Twelve Fantasies for solo flute, No 2.  
18) Edward MacDowell (1861-1908) - To A Wild Rose.
Ilone plays piano, Louis plays C clarinet.
19) Franz Schubert - Three Dances; Dance, Andante, and Waltz.
Ilone plays both flute and piano.
20) Jacques Aubert (1689-1753) Amuzette No 4.
Aubert was leader of King Louis' orchestra, and certainly would have known Chedeville. Louis plays mandolin and (Ilone accompanies on harpsichord.
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21) Francisco Terrega (1852-1909) Lagrima.
There is a story that this was composed to express Terrega's abject misery whilst on tour in England, and another that is was simply improvised at the end of a concert. In the interests of extra melancholy, Louis plays it in an octave lower than usual on an Aria contrabass classical guitar.
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